Seamless bookings, elevated customer experience

Revolutionize your business with our booking solution and enhance customer satisfaction, streamline your operations, and boost revenue growth.
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Types of bookings

Whether you have bookings with your customers 1-on-1 or in a group, we got you covered.


Let your customers pick a time with you or with one of your team members. You can also make a booking directly for your customer.


Schedule group events and allow your customers to book a seat, or book one for them.

Self service

Ways to get booked

Experience the excitement of receiving online bookings, effortlessly received through our widget and/or dedicated booking page


Say goodbye to no-shows and maximize revenue

Increase attendance through strategic email reminders and clearly communicate the cancellation terms of your services by setting an explicit free cancellation period.

Email reminders

Our automatic email reminders are send at the right time, significantly decreasing the likelihood of no-shows by keeping appointments fresh in recipients' minds.

Cancellation period

Set cancellation terms and we automatically enforce them for you. This minimizes no-shows, optimizes scheduling efficiency and directly impacts revenue.

Seize control of payments

Put yourself in control and decide when your customers pay. You can even give them a choice.

All your bookings in one place, yet so easy to navigate

Discover the ease of having all of your bookings and those of your team members right at your fingertips.


Offer your services wherever and however

Multiple location options allow you to offer services in whatever way you prefer.

Full control

Manually confirm or decline bookings

When extra control over your schedule is needed, you can optionally require booking confirmations.

These allow you to manually decide, whether or not to accept a booking request.

Get notified when we launch

All-in-one booking and payment software for you, your team and your customers.

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